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The security team will react immediately to your distress signal, which is sent from the panic button, or cellphone app, directly to a computer in the vehicle. The computer will already have stored all your information and the inbuilt GPS system will immediately direct them to your location, whilst attempting to contact you by phone. They will immediately start driving to your property and will try and contact you by phone.  If you are not available to speak to them they will just enter your property.  There is also an option to have the reaction vehicle fitted with your gate remote signal so they can open your gate and drive straight in rather than wasting precious time climbing over the gate with a ladder. This vehicle is monitored at all times via a tracking system, which prevents any abuse.

In addition to standard security equipment, they have riot shields, helmets, grenades, pepper sprays and non-lethal handguns.

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If the MEDICAL team is required, there is an option to call an ambulance either on the Appanic or through the panic button and reaction vehicle.  This medical service is provided firstly by our own ambulance technicians and evacuation vehicle. An ambulance from various providers may also be requested depending on your medical aid scheme.

The response teams are trained first aiders and hold advanced and ambulance technician qualifications. The response teams will carry out first aid whilst the ambulance is enroute.

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If the FIRE service is required, the fire engine will immediately attend to the crisis whilst City of Harare fighfighters (which have been alerted by the Response team) are on the way.  This vehicle is equipped with foam and fire extinguishers.  The fire tender is capable of drawing and pumping water simultaneously from the swimming pool or nearby water source to continue the fight, if necessary. Once City of Harare arrives on the scene they will take over.  The response crews have certificates in fire fighting and burn management.

There is an Appanic that can be installed on your android phone and can be activated to call for security, fire or ambulance assistance.

Getting Started

If you do not have a current alarm system of any kind in your house, a Panic pack may be installed as a stand alone panic system with a siren and 2 remotes.  This system can be expanded later if you require further alarms on the property as it’s the basic core of an alarm system.

The remotes have a 50m range but this can be affected by buildings, trees etc.  There is an option of a 500m range remote for an additional charge for this receiver and 2 remotes.

If you already have an existing alarm system, then all that is required is for a signal to be installed into the existing alarm.

If you already have a panic alarm system with another organization and wish to change, then we are happy to discuss and waiver part of the monthly payments that you have already paid, until the takeover.

There is a link available where you can read the agreement and possibly sign up if you are interested or you can complete the forms that we have at the Security Shop at Lewisam, Harare. For any further information please contact Buster on 0714 026 326.

We look forward to having you as part of the PJM Response family.

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